Manned Gaurding

Protech Team specialises in manned guarding services which is based on industry experience. We are proudly providing experienced and SIA licenced guards. With manned guarding being the original mainstream of our business we have developed the core competence to meet the contemporary era of the 21st century, blending these services with technological know-how which is being adopted as an add-on to suit the current security market demands.

Our guards are fully trained on site safety procedures and an effective site risk assessment of services to point out the risk factors to bring them to manageable levels. Our security personnel are alert and thorough in carrying out their core competencies which includes the protection of life, protection of property and premises, protection of loss & waste and the prevention and the deterrence of crime. This will guarantee our clients premises are protected from unauthorised access, public disorder and vandalism which are the most common cases on regular basis.

All Guards are licensed by the Security Industry Authority and are trained in all modern security operations.

We take pride in developing trust between our clients and ourselves which is exhibited in the ability of our guards to access possible threats and allowing them to be resolved before situations arise.

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